Need For Speed World Hack Cheat Bot | Money Generator

Increasing your money balance (random amount). Money can be used to purchase any cars, upgrades, or whatever you need.

You must be logged into the game before running generator. Doing it other way may cause a bug or can damage any of hack files, so you won’t be able to run it again. (If you do so, then delete all hack files and extract “NFS_World_Money_Generator_7.rar” once again. If you can’t because you have deleted it before, you are forced to download it once again)

need for speed world hack


     Added option “Add PowerUps

     Added option “Generate Boost Points

     Added option “Speed Hack

     Fixed a bug where you was unable to add more money than 5 mln

***Top user questions***

How much money will be credited to my account?

     – As you can see in the picture below (from 0 to 100,000)

Can I use it multiply times on my account? I’m afraid of being banned but I need to get so much more money

     – Yes. You can use it how many times you want to. Bot is undetected. For safe purpose – don’t keep more than 50 mln in account. The best way for succesfully hacking is spending cash instantly when you generate it.

Can you add boosts points to my account?

     – No. We are not logging in on our user accounts.

If you found your solution then please don’t spam our mailbox asking same questions like above. We will be very grateful. Thanks.





Updated and working as of:

57 Responses to “Need For Speed World Hack Cheat Bot | Money Generator”

  1. Berdan says:

    In fact this video show us very old game this hack has changed a lot. Thanks for great support & contribution! Peace.

  2. zack312 says:

    Succesfully downloaded it. Thank you so much but this download really sucks. Hack works very well for now, after updating. <— contact me, i'll send you this cheat :)

  3. r2d22 says:

    like your site, keep it always updated please

  4. ToastMcMuffins says:

    worth doing survey

  5. filandip says:

    Didn’t expect that kind of hack would ever exist. It would be a massacre to play every game f2p using hack tools crushing cash shop. Rich kids aren’t best now xD

  6. Cleytin says:

    your site should be higher in google just because its the only hack that worked for me. i bet they are outdated or have already been fixed and creators have no idea how to make them work again ;/. fortunately, I checked a couple of pages.

  7. thelarrysa says:

    Hard download but surely worth it

  8. harrington88 says:

    I’m glad to see an update! Even after 5 days (you said 24-48h), nvm… Old one was so bugged. At least it was still able to add something.

  9. Se7en says:

    Hell or not a hell it’s nice to see its working ! ; D

  10. malcolm211 says:

    Bot is working fine. I would never think there can be cheats like this one. Sorry but the download metod is just stupid, it was hell to download it…

  11. susipuro says:

    I have never seen anything like this before ;o Great!!!

  12. Amy says:

    I had no problems with download. I don’t know why you guys are complaining lol, it took me 2 minutes >.>

  13. Bane says:

    Very nice layout. Simple for use. It was just hard to download, at least for me.

  14. finally we can play this game without spending rl cash on it

  15. silencekiler says:

    I just want to thank you. I see that you guys put much work to create it. I know how hard it is, long time ago I was working on bot but for another game, and what? I was stucked because I didn’t know how to bypass one stupid step.

  16. warchala says:

    Finally get it !! Thanks!!

  17. kinderwoman says:

    It would be nice to see a BOOST hack inside this generator

  18. michaelldon says:

    I bought almost all cars :> Now I can defeat everyone with boosts mmmmmmmuahhhaha. Welcome back NFS World, im coming back 😉

  19. hjack92 says:

    Hardcore… Im downloading it right now

  20. timeshenn says:

    It’s working great. Thanks mate =]

  21. bhdf dfth fdf d fdgjh djg

  22. turazgs says:

    i cant download it

  23. leo says:

    wheres the survey?

  24. Crowsblood says:

    Could someone please send me the file to ‘’
    It’s just because the surveys aren’t functioning well.
    Thanks a lot.

  25. Joel says:

    Hey send me this hack please ! my mail is !!! I really need it ! 😀

  26. Sachin R says:

    when I click on Download, it says that downloading will start automatically after completion of surveys, but no surveys appear. WTF???

  27. This site is great. Keep it up. One of my top hack sites!

  28. grejjka says:

    Using it since open beta, it’s great that this cheat is still working.

  29. Lunar20 says:

    I would say that’s “best day ever”. Like in Mac Miller song x). Im also thankful for it, thanks!

  30. Strazzzz says:

    You made my day!!!

  31. Gundar says:

    I wish this hack won’t be so much popular… I want to keep using it

  32. PROUD says:

    Thank you for updated version. Working like a japanese train haha

  33. Cesar says:

    could someone send me this file to Please :)

  34. csabaszebeni says:

    I really need this hack!

  35. csabaszebeni says:

    who sent me, its very nice thank

  36. csabaszebeni says:

    This hack someone send it to me on MSN, is to be! my address: or Skype to szebenicsaba1987

  37. Miaso says:

    I haven’t seen so good generator for years. I have added almost 2 million cash and i didn’t found any error!!

  38. Mjavierg34 says:

    Hello, can you please send me the hack it’s just that those servys are not functioning well, at any case thanks for the apport that you are making,… This hack will really save a lot of time,… and again thanks a lot.

  39. m mohanis says:

    wow…awesome dude

  40. PauLL says:

    How do i put my amount :x??

  41. ognjen says:

    i have 5.000.0000cash

  42. BuLLaN says:

    pls add me mess butterflybullan sent me hack pls pls pls pls pls or bullan11 skype plsss

  43. PauLL says:

    menn, i cant downloaad :X surveys, can yyou upload to megaupload :XX plsss

  44. keyserbeats says:

    HAHA from 0 to 100 000 it added me exactly 100 000. Am I lucky?:D

  45. Next time put it on better download site

  46. Erdem says:

    What amount is safely to avoid ban??

  47. Mida says:

    Finally.. Old version look really ugly 😀

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