Planetside 2 Hack Cheat | Seven Cash, Certification Points Generator + Speed Hack!

This cheat tool will generate for you unlimited amount of Cert Points and Seven Cash. Program will add permanently these 2 kind of ingame currency to your balance only while you are logged in, otherwise program will close automatically because of debug. You can it how many times you want. For now this hack is still undetected and you haven’t to worry about ban because it won’t happen.

planetside 2 hack

Seven Cash and Certification Points can be spent on:

  • Infantry Weapons
  • Infantry Gear
  • Vehicle Weapons
  • Vehicle Gear
  • Boosts



  • Now Working properly on Windows 8,
  • No longer error messages while adding Cert Points,
  • Removed several code lines reponsible for very slow button reaction,
  • Improved security






7 Responses to “Planetside 2 Hack Cheat | Seven Cash, Certification Points Generator + Speed Hack!”

  1. Berdan says:

    In fact this video show us very old game this hack has changed a lot. Thanks for great support & contribution! Peace.

  2. zack312 says:

    Succesfully downloaded it. Thank you so much but this download really sucks. Hack works very well for now, after updating. <— contact me, i'll send you this cheat :)

  3. filandip says:

    Didn’t expect that kind of hack would ever exist. It would be a massacre to play every game f2p using hack tools crushing cash shop. Rich kids aren’t best now xD

  4. Cleytin says:

    your site should be higher in google just because its the only hack that worked for me. i bet they are outdated or have already been fixed and creators have no idea how to make them work again ;/. fortunately, I checked a couple of pages.

  5. thelarrysa says:

    Hard download but surely worth it

  6. harrington88 says:

    I’m glad to see an update! Even after 5 days (you said 24-48h), nvm… Old one was so bugged. At least it was still able to add something.

  7. Se7en says:

    Finally guys you made it for Planetside ! THX. You are the best !

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